• Ultracor Active:: 2 in 1- Street Style

  • Pop:: Iron-on Patches && Teal Bag

  • Uniqlo Has My Back

  • Ultracor Active:: 2 in 1- Activewear

Ultracor Active:: 2 in 1- Street Style

This is part 2 of the Ultracor series! Check out the first part here. Today, I will be showing you how to incorporate these leggings into your everyday wear – from gym to a lunch date. The pair I am wearing in this post is prime for daywear as it exemplifies elegant simplicity with a dash of complexity at the bottom of the leggings, where there is an intricate purple honeycomb pattern that trails off. The pattern & material combo also gives you a slimming effect, which is a huge +++++.

When I pulled out this cozy, slouchy sweater this morning, it begged for an equally comfy partner in crime, and what better than Ultracor? Do you like the leather fringe shirt under the sweater? It adds a dimension to the outfit (all the while matching the black leather stripes on the arms!!) as well as the whole sashaying and swishing effect as you walk. I finished off the look with some layered jewelry. Who would ever think that you were coming to lunch straight from the gym??? Other options: Pair with your favorite Wildfox jumper and kicks for the ultimate casual look or shake things up a little and wear with a dressier tunic/dress and over-the-knee boots for a more dressed up night out! It’s all up to you…



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Pop:: Iron-on Patches && Teal Bag

Iron-on patches have been a trend that I have enjoyed dearly for a while now. Inspired by Anya Hindmarch’s most recent collection, 3 dimensional pieces have been added to almost everything, from sweatshirts to shoes. I’m in love! Zara even came out with a whole line of clothing with the so called “pop art” on pieces such as t-shirts (the one I’m wearing), jeans, and jumpers. Definitely took advantage there :-) Does anyone recognize the colorful backdrop? If so, you are probably a Chicagoan. It’s the poster right outside the Museum of Contemporary Art!




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Uniqlo Has My Back

One label I have been very fond of over these last few years has been Uniqlo. There are a few locations in New York, which is how I first came across the brand. Their products are extremely compact, simple, and affordable as well. My favorite pieces have always been the ultra light down jackets (the one I am wearing in this look) that can fold and fit into a minute jacket bag and can even be kept on the side of one’s backpack. Check them out here for the ultimate warmth and style this season!




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