Back when Elizabeth was around

So… Today’s outfit was centered around a high-neck ruffled jacket. You must be thinking, ” This girl has got to be out of her mind! Wearing a black jacket in the summer?” Yes, I will have to be that person. I am the person wearing white in February and mohair in August (like today, I might post that this week). Sometimes I just miss wearing certain things in my closet and say to myself,  “Wait, that Victorian collar would go really well with x”, and I will commit a weather-related fashion faux pas in the name of artistic whim.  For this look, I whipped out this gorgeous ruffled collar jacket, which is really reminiscent of something from the Elizabethan era. I wore this over my Amanda Uprichard Aztec strapless crop top. I found this look to be very all-over-the-place timeline- and style- wise. I have the music festival boho/aztec, classic tweed, au courant sunglasses and a modern twist to black pumps (note the hardware!), and a stand-out jacket inspired by Queen Elizabeth and her oh-so distinguished ruffled collars.  Hope you have fun seeing how the photoshoot turned out….








Now, I generally have a hard time with boho as I have a more edgy/modern style. But you have to branch out and go to that uncomfortable realm sometimes for the sake of diversity or open-mindedness.  Just take a look at this vivid, striking boho tube top amidst an all black & white! Doesn’t it completely change the outfit? Try being omnivorous in your fashion choices… Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit as much as I did! Thank you so much for reading :-)


Jacket: Milly New York

Top: Amanda Uprichard

Skirt: Rag & Bone

Heels: Zara

Bag: Alice & Olivia

Sunglasses: Dior

‘Till next time,



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  1. hailey August 17, 2015 / 4:55 pm

    great post, the outfit is so nice & different

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