PETA slams ‘gladiator’ heels for causing ‘unacceptable’ suffering

A dog in New Jersey was left with broken feet after being left with “gladiator” heels in her care, after a group of owners tried to sell them on eBay for $3,000 each.

PETA has condemned the sale and said the heels were “unacceptable.”

The dog, named Baby Blue, was a two-year-old golden retriever from a rescue home in West Orange, New Jersey.

Her owners bought the shoes for $1,500 on a Craigslist ad.

But soon after purchasing the shoes, the owners learned they could not return them because they had been “shoe-shredded,” according to PETA.

“We’re disgusted and disappointed that PETA chose to promote the sale of this puppy for $500,” said Sarah Schenker, the executive director of PETA-NJ, which oversees the shelter’s Animal Care and Control division.

“The puppies in question have long been the work of PPCA (Pets for Life) and were the work (of) the owner.”

The dogs had not been vaccinated or sterilized.

“I don’t know how they could have gone through the effort of getting this puppy and then not be able to provide her with the necessary medical care,” Schenkers said.

PPCAs Animal Care & Control is the nonprofit organization that operates the shelter in West Long Branch, New York.

The PPC’s website says the organization works to rescue animals and “help them live out their lives as naturally as possible, as well as providing them with the most up-to-date veterinary care and care-giving.”

PETA says the dogs in question were purchased at a puppy rescue facility in New York and had been in the care of PCA for about a year.

The shelter said Baby Blue was diagnosed with arthritis and “is undergoing daily care with the PPCCA vet,” according a statement on its website.

Peta said the puppies were sent to PPC in West New York, but PPC said that was “not the case” and that they “never received a single puppy from PCA.”

PPCa told ABC News that it was “shocked and saddened” to learn of Baby Blue’s condition.

“As a dog rescue organization, PPC is saddened by the tragic news and deeply sorry that Baby Blue has had to endure the pain of a broken toe and the humiliation of having to wear a shoe,” the organization said.

“PPCa has no tolerance for cruelty, and we are taking this seriously and working to make sure the dogs are taken care of as quickly as possible.”

Peta called for PPC to take action and take down the auction listing for the shoes.

“This puppy is suffering and we want to get to the bottom of what happened,” Scheker said.

When It’s Not “The Girl Next Door” but “The One With the New Shoes”

In the late 1970s, actress Nancy O’Dell wore a pair of strappy black pumps with white toe pads.

Her shoes were “the girl next door” in terms of style, but the footwear caused a backlash.

The heels were criticized for their “cute,” “sexy” and “slinky” look.

They also caused people to think the wearer was “sassy” and to question her sexuality.

When the heels went on sale in 1987, the public backlash was immediate.

The backlash also helped pave the way for women to get back into the limelight with more provocative styles like the “faux heel” in the 1980s.

In 1991, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Dania Ramirez had her own “slinkie” style that also was criticized.

She was criticized for wearing the style and not being able to wear her natural feet.

“I was a little embarrassed,” she told the New York Times.

“But I also know that I wasn’t wearing heels to go out to a club, and I thought that was a really strange thing to wear, too.

So I was just going with the flow and trying to be as cool as possible.”

In 1993, actress Kate Hudson’s “slop-toe” style went on the market, prompting a backlash among the public.

Hudson’s footwear was perceived to be “too cute,” according to Time.

And she later explained her reaction to it on The View.

“There was a lot of backlash, and there were a lot different people saying, ‘I don’t know if this is cool, or I don’t think it’s cute,'” she said.

“And I was like, ‘You’re right!

I’m not wearing heels.

In 2006, she was criticized by fans for wearing a style called “sloppy toe” that many considered inappropriate. “

Dania Ramirez has also made headlines for her “slip toe” style.

“People love to judge me for who I am and what I wear, and that’s very much a part of my life.” “

She’s the perfect example of someone who has an incredible amount of confidence and she’s very confident in herself, and she doesn’t need to put on heels to look sexy,” she said in a 2007 interview.

“People love to judge me for who I am and what I wear, and that’s very much a part of my life.”

Kate Hudson, right, and her “Sloppy-Toothed” style in the 2006 Vanity Fair cover story.

(Courtesy of Vogue) In 2014, actress Jennifer Aniston had to change her style after fans questioned her dress style and her choice of shoes.

“When I was doing the Vanity Fair piece, I wore a slinky, slip-toe dress that was pretty much perfect,” Aniston told the Los Angeles Times.

But fans immediately pointed out that Aniston didn’t wear heels to work because they’re too “cutesy.”

Aniston, who is now married to rapper Kanye West, later admitted to the Times that she had worn “slap toe” to work.

In 2018, actress Angelina Jolie wore a “slacktoe” dress on the red carpet of the Oscars, which was criticized as too “seedy.”

“I think there’s a very different level of judgment that’s being applied to those who are doing these things and those who aren’t,” Jolie told the Times.

While some fans were upset about Jolie’s dress, many applauded her for wearing her style.

“This is really great, because it’s about people not judging each other,” Anya Williams told the Huffington Post in 2019.

“It’s not about who you are, it’s not the way you look, and it’s really about who is wearing what.”

Anya, right with her “The Sloppy-toe Slop-Tune” style, and Angelina, left, in 2018.

(Hannah Sager/WireImage)

Why you’re not looking like the black heel syndrome you think you have

I don’t think I need to tell you I am not a black heel.

It’s not the first time I’ve been a bit disappointed with the way I look, I guess I’ve just always felt like a bit of a dork.

I’ve also had it happen more than once in the past.

In the early years of my teenage years, my foot became very, very swollen.

I would get to a point where my heel would stop growing, and I would have a very difficult time getting to the ball.

It got to the point where I had to wear braces on my heel to make it fit, and to keep it under control.

Then I realised that I didn’t like my heel, and that it was making my foot look bad, and then I had a lot of friends who were saying they didn’t want to look like me, they didn, and this became a pretty large problem.

There was one person who had a really good solution, and he was called Michael Jones.

It was the only solution that worked for him.

So what is black heel?

Michael Jones explained black heel in a video for The Blackest of the Black, the most popular podcast on YouTube.

Read more about black heel,black shoes,heels,black video source Google Play (Australia).

Black shoes have always been the most visible and well-loved, but it seems that as time has passed, we’ve become more comfortable with the concept of black heels.

The trend for black heels is a lot more common now than it used to be.

Black heels are the latest in a long line of trendy footwear styles, and you’ll notice the trend has changed quite a bit over the past few years.

I remember when I was in high school, I had the same look.

I was like, ‘What are they all about?’

And I just thought, well, I just think that I look good with black shoes, because black heels are very sexy.

There’s something very sexy about them.

But you have to look very careful.

Black heels are made of leather.

There is a very strong contrast in the material between the sole and the heel.

I love the way black shoes feel.

I just love the look of them.

Black shoes are very comfortable.

You can wear them for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

It has a feeling that the shoe is on your feet, rather than on your foot, which is great for the back.

Black heel is a trend that is going very well, and it’s getting really popular in Australia.

So, it seems, that black heels have been around forever.

The problem with black heelsBlack heels have always had a reputation as being the worst thing you could possibly wear, but now there is evidence to suggest that they are not only a bad look, but also a bad way to spend a day in the office.

I think it’s very important to point out that black shoes are designed for people who are not particularly well-endowed, and if they look really, really bad on you, they might not be the best choice.

They are designed to be worn for a certain amount of time, so if you’re wearing them for a while, they can start to get a little uncomfortable.

And, in fact, it does start to look really bad if you go a bit too far in the wrong direction, and the heels don’t fit properly.

So you can end up with a pretty ugly looking heel.

The fact that black heel can be an option for people is really exciting, because it means that a lot people have the right to wear black shoes.

So if you want to get really into black heels and not worry about getting to grips with black socks or black shoes as much, then this is definitely the thing for you.

Black sneakers are popular now, but not just in AustraliaThe trend of black shoes is gaining momentum in the US, and in some cities, black shoes have been made official as part of city-wide “cool” fashion.

In New York, black heels can be seen in nearly every department store.

This trend has also seen a surge in popularity in the UK, where there are also more black shoes on the streets.

In America, the trend of wearing black shoes seems to have been on the rise for some time now, and while black heels may seem a bit dated, they’re still becoming more popular.

The rise of black footwear is partly due to people’s increasing awareness of how well-fitting black shoes can be.

For a long time, black shoe design has been based on the idea of creating the perfect heel.

And then, when it came to creating the most comfortable, comfortable shoes, there was an obvious question: Can black shoes be worn without compromising on looks?

There are a number of reasons why black shoes might be considered as a fashion trend in some areas, but they’re also a style trend.

One of the reasons is that they can look sexy.

How to Wear Ankle Boots in a Casual Day-to-Day Style

In a world of social media, it’s hard to know what to wear.

But if you’re a stylish hipster with your own style, you might want to make sure you don’t run into any other foot-wearers.

If you’ve ever been in a cafe, bar, or restaurant, you know that the more attention you pay to your feet, the more likely you are to get caught in the same fashion trends that others are in.

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, footwear-related injuries account for nearly one-third of all injuries to people in the U.S. While it’s not uncommon for people to get lost in the rush of shopping, the most common cause of foot injuries is a fall or collision.

Foot pain is common and it’s usually treated with medications and physical therapy.

Here’s how to wear ankle boots in a day-to­day way in a comfortable way.

Ankle boots don’t have to be the same size as your feet.

If they’re too big for your feet or if you have a larger foot, try a shorter pair.

Some women’s brands make ankle boots that are longer than a typical shoe.

But for the most part, people should try to avoid the more traditional styles, which are more in line with what you wear in a formal setting.

Try a pair of a longer-sleeved pair of high-heeled boots, which you could also wear with a coat, shirt, and pants, or a pair that are shorter.

Your feet aren’t as vulnerable to injury as your shoes.

While people have been dying from walking into a store while wearing high heels for years, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear ankle booties in the future, says Katherine Zimbeck, RD, a certified personal trainer and founder of the Boot Camp Institute.

Even if you wear them casually, you’ll still need to keep them comfortable and stylish.

And don’t let that stop you from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities.

With so many outdoor activities to do and places to go, it can be hard to make time to walk around barefoot.

When you’re on the go, you should consider wearing a pair or two of sturdy ankle boots to keep you dry and comfortable while you walk around.

You might also consider wearing an ankle boot with a heel.

Zimbs says wearing boots with a shoe sole will help you stay cooler and dry when you’re hiking.

You can also consider adding some extra cushioning to the inside of your boots to provide support for your toes, hips, and ankles.

These shoes will help prevent cuts, bruises, and scrapes, and can help you avoid getting caught in a high-profile accident.

When in doubt, wear a pair with a good toe and heel.

Which royal blue shoe? royal blue or royal blue suede?

Royal blue suedes are typically suede-based and the sole sole is often suede and not leather, as they are in this example.

However, Royal Blue also makes an excellent black and white colorway of the same shoe.

The shoe has a black tongue and a black sole and is the only royal blue sneaker that has a leather tongue and black sole.

Royal Blue Royal Blue is one of the most popular shoe brands in the world, with a global reach.

Royal blue is one color that is used in both traditional and modern designs.

It is used as a neutral and neutral-looking shade of color in many traditional and contemporary styles.

It can also be used as one of a number of shades of color, like white, gold, and silver.

Royal Black Royal Black is a dark black color that can be found on both black and dark brown leathers, but it is also found on suede.

In the United States, Royal Black can be bought in a number different styles, such as the Royal Black-Fancy Pants, Royal White-Fashion Pants, and Royal Royal Blue-Formal Pants.

Royal Brown Royal Brown is a light brown color that has been used in many different styles.

This is often used in men’s and women’s shoes and often on dark brown suede shoes, but in many cases it can be mixed with white and grey for a lighter color, as in this Royal Brown Suede.

Royal Orange Royal Orange is a neutral shade of brown that can also been found in various types of leathers and suedes.

The color can be used in almost any style of leather shoes, with dark brown and black shoes being the most common.

Royal Red Royal Red is a very dark red color that also has been found on leathers.

It has been a favorite shade for many eras of fashion and has been considered the “official” shade of the Royal Family.

Royal Purple Royal Purple is also a light purple color, often found on brown leather and suede, and is also used in a variety of styles of shoes.

Royal Teal Royal Teale is a medium blue color that was also used as the color of the official Royal Family coat of arms, which was worn in many countries, including the United Kingdom, France, and Belgium.

The name refers to the dark blue color of some Royal Family members.

How to wear nude wedding heels

Naked wedding heels are a trendy trend.

They’re a classic accessory for a beautiful bride or groom and they look so sexy that you can almost imagine them being worn by a male model.

But what if your wedding dress isn’t suitable for the occasion?

In this video, we’ll show you how to choose the right wedding shoes, as well as how to get the most out of your wedding day.

The Basics When shopping for wedding shoes you’ll need to know the basics.

They have to be able to stand up to daily wear and tear.

And they need to be easy to walk in.

These are some of the key things you need to consider before buying a wedding dress.

Wedding Shoes to Consider: Wear these basics for a wedding and you’ll be ready to enjoy your day:• White Wedding Shoes, £15-£35 per pair; these are best for couples and small groups• Pink Wedding Shoes – £35-£50 per pair• Black Wedding Shoes (also known as “White” and “Pink”) – £50-£60 per pairThis isn’t the only way to choose a wedding shoe, of course, but it’s a good place to start.

If you want to be comfortable but also look good, choose shoes that have a similar style to the wedding dress:• A wedding shoe with a similar shape and texture as the dress• A shoe with an “A” style (top) and a “B” style in the heel• A white wedding shoe (top and heel) and pink wedding shoes (bottom)You can even pick from a variety of shoes in the same style – a black wedding shoe for a bride or a white wedding for a groom, for example.

It’s important to choose footwear that’s comfortable and flattering to your feet and feet are usually the best place to go for this.

The more comfortable you are with the shoe, the more you’ll feel the difference between the pair you buy.

In some cases, you might have to get a second pair.

These pairs can be difficult to find in the shops, so it’s important that you shop for them.

If you buy a wedding pair you can use these shoes again at the next occasion, or you can keep the same pair, but make sure you wash and condition them before you use them.

You can also make sure your wedding shoes have a good fit by checking out the fit.

If the shoe feels uncomfortable, you can remove it, or use a shoe elastic to help the shoe move freely.

If your shoes don’t fit perfectly, you’ll probably want to get some help with that too.

For a few more tips, we also show you some of our favourite wedding shoes for different occasions.

You can browse by style or size, or check out the different styles in the Wedding Shoes section of the Wedding Shop.

For a better look at the style and size of the wedding shoes available, you could check out our guide to the best wedding shoes in England and Wales.

Don’t let the size of your shoes stop you getting dressed and dancing on your own, either.

You’ll need plenty of room in your dress and heels, so choose a dress that’s fitted to your foot and that’s made of high-quality materials.

The best dress shoes are designed for dancers, so they’ll be comfortable and supportive for you, too.

If there’s a bit of fabric at the back, it will help cushion your foot.

A dress with a low back is the ideal choice.

The dress should have a flat back to create a level floor for you to stand on.

If it doesn’t, you should consider a strapless dress or even a knee-length dress.

Why you need a pair of Nike sandals on your feet

You can’t wear sandals for the rest of your life, but Nike is about to change that.

The shoes, which are made of a lightweight material, will be on sale in Australia this week and are part of the company’s latest effort to get people outdoors.

The new footwear, known as “Nike sandals”, will be available in a range of colours.

It’s the latest in a long line of Nike-designed footwear for women.

“The purpose of Nike Sandals is to change the way women think about shoes,” Nike’s Brand Director of Brand and Fitness, Michelle Gorman, said.

“We want people to have a more active lifestyle, not just a sedentary lifestyle.”

Nike’s new sandals are lightweight and will not be comfortable.

The heel of the sandal is a mesh-like material that allows the foot to slide effortlessly and will protect your feet from the elements.

The shoes will be made of an advanced mesh that is lightweight and water resistant.

Nikes shoes are designed with the comfort and functionality in mind.

They are designed to support your feet in all weather conditions and are able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activities.

“Nike Sandals will allow us to create a more natural, everyday look with a more sustainable approach to footwear,” Ms Gorman said.

For the time being, the shoes are only available in grey, brown and white.

You can find the Nike sandal range online from and select retailers in Australia.

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What’s in your fur shoe?

I got my first pair of fur shoes when I was about 12, and I loved them.

They are so cute and comfortable, and my feet were still growing at a time when shoes were still being marketed for people who weren’t into traditional shoes.

Now, about 20 years later, I have a full-size pair of the shoes.

They’re still very comfortable, they have a great fit, and they’re super comfortable.

But I’m just not into the fur-inspired styles, and these days, I don’t really want to wear them at all.

They have the same flaws as a traditional shoe.

They can get pretty cold and I’m not sure they’re as good as shoes made with synthetic leather.

I also think they feel kind of cheap and un-comfortable.

But even though I’m pretty picky, I also have to admit I’m glad to be able to find some new styles that are less expensive and don’t look too “fur-like”.

I have to say, though, that I’m a little bit sad to see so many fur-related shoe brands disappear.

It was pretty hard to find any shoes that weren’t fur-based, and it’s really hard to compete with the mass-market brands that I like and love.

The first time I wore a fur-themed shoe was when I wore one of these boots with the Fur Shoes Fur hat.

These shoes are so adorable and comfy, and the fur on them is so cute.

I love that it’s so easy to wear and still look stylish.

I think I was going to buy more fur-driven shoes, but then I found Fur Shoes, which have a similar style to Fur Shoes and have the look of a regular pair of Fur Shoes.

The only difference is that these are made with a synthetic leather that is more expensive and not as comfortable.

I would say they’re about $30, and a few people I know have bought them for that price.

They do have some fur-like details, though.

The toes and the top of the toe, for example, are made of a different material that gives the shoe a little more of a fur look, and there are a couple of small fur hairs on the heel.

You can see some of that in the pictures below.

These are a few years old, but I’m still very happy with them.

If I had to choose between a pair of leather boots that are expensive and a pair that are cheap, I’d definitely go with the leather ones.

You definitely have to wear some kind of fur-appropriate shoes if you want to look good.

And for that, I would recommend leather boots over synthetic leather boots.

Fur shoes aren’t cheap, but if you don’t want to get your feet tangled up in fur, they’re worth every penny.

And if you wear them, you’ll probably want to put on some gloves or a hat to protect your hands from the cold.

How to style your wedding dress without having to look at the photographer

Style blogger, Lauren Beaumont, has an amazing guide to wedding dress styling.

This is one of the best wedding dress blogs out there, so I’m going to give you a few tips to get the most out of your wedding day.


Use a high heel pump, not a high cut dress source Google Search: How to Style Your Wedding Dress without Having to Look at the Photographer article I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks with Lauren, and she had a huge collection of dresses.

I’ve always been a fan of high cut dresses, so the way she presented it was a real treat.

I loved the fact that she was able to make these dresses look gorgeous without being overly formal.

I think that dress styling is the most important part of any wedding dress design.


Make sure you’re using an accent belt or veil.

This article on The Art of Dressing also has some great tips for wearing a veil or accent belt for a more formal wedding.

I found Lauren’s style really helped me create the look of a veil, so she did a great job with the details and fit.


Add a sparkle effect to your bridal party.

This bridal blogger, Heather Huggins, does a great tutorial on how to create a sparkly wedding dress.

I thought the style she created was great, but the way the dress looks from the front is a little hard to work with.

I ended up having to put in a few changes, but she definitely has a great style.


Make a custom dress.

The best part of your bridesmaids wedding dress is that it will be your own personal dress, so don’t be afraid to make your own.

I like to think of my wedding as an experience with my family, so creating a unique, unique look is important.

I’m a big fan of using a dress that is one piece and tailored to my body type.

I always find the perfect wedding dress for everyone.


Use fabric to create your own custom wedding dress using embroidery, lace and a flower.

My favorite bridal blog, Bridal Bride, does an amazing tutorial on this, which also gives some great suggestions for fabric choices for your wedding.

Here’s a fun little tip: if you can create something that is a bit less formal, then you can use fabric like a ribbon or tulle to create the illusion of a wedding dress, even if you’re wearing a more casual dress.


Use the wrong color for your bride.

The Color of Wedding is a really awesome blog that offers a great guide to choosing the right color for a bridal outfit.

The color guide has a lot of great ideas, but it’s hard to know which colors to choose.

If you’re looking to get a brides dress, I highly recommend checking out Color of Bride’s color guide for a great way to find the right colors.


Avoid the traditional bridal veil.

I have to admit, I was really excited to start researching the wedding dress business, but I didn’t really have any ideas on how I wanted to go about my wedding.

For one thing, it was such a unique moment for me to have a bris.

When I got married, I wanted a wedding gown, and for me, that meant I wanted something that would blend in with the rest of the decor, but also have a more traditional look.

In addition, the veil that was used was actually a bit too tight.

If I didn “just do the veil,” I wouldn’t be able to do everything that I wanted.

Luckily, Color of Weddings offers a lot more tips on choosing a brus, including a briding guide to help you pick the right veil for your specific situation.


Use an embroidered flower to create an elegant wedding veil.

You can buy an embroiderable veil online or make one yourself, but if you prefer to go the extra mile, check out this Etsy shop for an awesome selection of flower designs.

I definitely recommend going for a flower with a nice shape, as it will add a little flair to your look.


Don’t use a dress with a skirt.

A skirt will always look “too formal,” but if your bris has a skirt, you’re going to be looking at an outfit that’s a bit more casual, so choosing a dress without one is a mistake.


Dress with a lot less fabric.

For me, the dress was really tight on me, so this dress was perfect for my dresser, so there was a lot to choose from.

The dress was designed for me by a stylist who is not my stylist, so they designed a great dress for me that fits perfectly.

If there’s a particular color that you like, just try it on.

If it’s too dark, or too light, try it again

When you need to go toe-to-toe with the man who broke your foot, look no further than black high-heeled shoes

Black high-Heel Stomping: How to get the most out of the foot strike in high heels article Footstrike: A Step by Step Guide to Footstrike Technique article In order to learn how to use footstrike, I had to first understand how to do it.

As I had only just learned the basics, I was in the process of trying to understand what I was doing wrong.

And as I progressed through the book, I found that I could only go toe to toe with the guy who broke my foot, and that it was the result of the wrong foot strike.

This is because I was also learning from someone who had done the same drill with a different foot.

In the process, I discovered that there were a number of different ways to strike a heel, and I found out that it all depended on your footwork and technique.

The first thing I did was to start with the basics.

For me, this is something that has always been there, and if you follow this exercise, it is something I will never go back to.

But I would like to stress that you should never rely on these simple exercises.

I have already discussed that this is not a drill that can be performed for the sake of the drill, but rather that you have to have a solid understanding of the strike and your technique before you can progress.

The next step is to find a heel that fits the heel stroke.

There are different heel shapes that are popular for different types of foot.

If you are looking for a shoe with a straight line heel, look for a heel with a round heel.

This will give you a more stable, less bouncy heel.

If your heel is round, look in for a wedge heel.

Again, this will give a smoother, less wobbling heel.

The last step is the heel spur.

This exercise is done in a way that will create a bit of a “pivot”.

This is done by simply going into your heel and going back out.

You can also make the heel pivot by putting your toes in a certain direction and then pulling them back out again.

So the end result is that you are now able to strike the heel in a “reverse” motion, but it is not the same as what you are doing when you are sitting on the ground.

Now that we have the basics covered, I would then go on to describe the heel thrust.

The heel thrust is essentially a heel kick, but this time, instead of kicking the heel out, you push the heel back in.

This can be done by either pushing with your heel, or by pulling with your toes.

So, the end goal here is to get your heel into the exact position you are supposed to.

If the heel is straight and the heel pushes forward, you are in good shape.

If it is round and the bottom of the heel sticks out, that is not good enough, and you should try and find a different heel shape.

Once you have figured out the heel shape, it becomes a matter of deciding what footstrike to use.

You should choose a heel stroke that will allow you to strike your heel in the correct direction.

You may also find that the heel strike is more effective with a heel thrust if the heel has a small bump, and the heels have a large bump.

For example, if you are going to strike from the heel side, I suggest trying a heel punch.

The punch will allow the heel to stay in a straight position.

When you strike the toe, the heel will come forward and push the toes forward.

If they are not moving forward, the heels will be pulled inwards, and your foot will start to wobble.

This gives you a much better opportunity to strike in a controlled manner.

The only downside of the toe thrust exercise is that it takes quite a bit longer than the heel punch exercise.

This may seem like a lot, but in fact, it only takes about 10 to 15 seconds to do this.

I do find that this exercise is very effective if you use the heel as the fulcrum for your heel strike, which is not something that is common for many people.

It may seem obvious that a heel strike would be most effective if the toe is flat, but a heel push is much more effective than a heel shove.

The final step is heel spur exercise.

Here is where you get a bit more advanced.

Instead of hitting the heel straight down, you can instead go straight back into the heel and go back into a heel pivot.

This allows you to go from the foot to the heel, which gives you more control.

This technique is not very popular because it is more akin to a hand slap, and it does not give you the benefit of the hand slap.

So I would suggest doing this exercise with the heel bent and pointing

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