Black wedge heels worn by black women on a mission to save black lives

Black women are using their heels to save their own lives, and the Black Lives Matter movement is doing it.

Black women wearing black wedge shoes and black bracelets are the first thing to the scene at a Black Lives Matters march on Washington DC.

A black woman with a black wedge heel joins a group of people wearing the heels to protest racism and the oppression of Black women and girls in the United States.

Black women using black wedge toes to raise awareness and help save lives.

“I think Black Lives is the greatest movement to save Black lives,” said Erica Campbell, who is in her mid-40s and a Black woman.

“There are so many people doing it, and it’s just amazing to see the love and support we’re getting.

It’s the biggest movement to be a Black person and be able to do this.”

She is not alone.

Black Women for Trump is the first major political group to embrace the heels, which they have used to help save their lives.

A similar movement began in May 2017 with a call for Black Lives to be honored at the Democratic National Convention.

It was then that many Black women started wearing the shoes to raise money and awareness.

Campbell says they are an integral part of their activism and that Black Lives means more than simply saving black lives.

The shoes are the perfect accessory to help raise awareness, especially since it’s been so hard to see Black women’s bodies and bodies of color in a more positive light.

“It’s not just about saving Black lives, it’s about showing the world that Black lives matter and that we are worthy of the same respect as any other group of humans,” she said.

“We want people to think about us more because we are a group that is in constant need of our humanity and compassion.

We don’t want our humanity to be devalued.

It needs to be understood.”

Campbell said her mother always told her to wear the heels for one of two reasons: to protect herself from black men, or to show that she is a Black girl who loves her Black girls.

She also believes the heels have helped her understand why black women don’t get as much support as other groups.

“Black women are the reason that we don’t have the same opportunities and protections as other women,” she explained.

“We have so much more to offer, but we’re not afforded as much as Black people in the public eye.”

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