Canadian teen girl named after Black-Haired Beauty Is ‘Wonderful’ (PHOTOS)

A 13-year-old girl in Ontario has been named after a black-haired beauty from the United Kingdom, after the two women met while visiting her home country.

The girl, named Emily, is the daughter of Ashley, who lives in Toronto, Canada.

She was named after Ashley’s black-bearded mother.

Ashley told The Associated Press that her daughter was inspired by Black-haired Beauty, who is a character from a popular British children’s book.

Ashley said Emily was inspired to write about Black-beards because she has a friend who is Black and the book has Black characters.

“We had a really wonderful time together, and she’s been a big inspiration for me,” Ashley said.

The two have been friends since the school year and have attended each other’s weddings.

“She was inspired because I was inspired,” Ashley told the AP.

“It’s not just a beauty product; it’s an inspiration for people to come together and celebrate diversity.”

Ashley said she has since started talking about the character to her friends, including her mom, and that she plans to share more about her life and work with other Black-bodied Beauty fans on her website, Instagram and Facebook pages.

“There’s no such thing as Black Beauty,” Ashley wrote on Instagram.

“My hair is my own.

It’s my choice and it doesn’t have to be forced on me by others.”

Ashley’s Instagram account also includes photos of the girl, and many other photos of her.

Her story has sparked a Facebook page called Black Bearded Beauty, which is now nearly 1,000 members strong.

“I am so proud of my daughter for coming out as Black and proud of what a beautiful Black girl she is,” Ashley’s mother, Lisa Black, wrote in a Facebook post on Friday.

“The Black Beauty community has been a part of my life for a long time.

When I started blogging in 2016, I had never even heard of Black Beauty.

Now that we are a part (of) the community, I can’t even imagine what Black Beauty has meant to her.”

Ashley is currently a senior at Westview Secondary School in Toronto.

She graduated in 2018 from a Grade 11 school.

“Black Beauty” is the name of a character in the children’s books, Black Beauty and the Black Boy, written by J.M. Barrie in 1883 and first published in 1922.

The Black Beauty character, called “Black Boy” by readers, is played by a black man named Thomas.

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