ghd Curve® Classic Wave Wand

Ever wonder how I get my hair to look like this….?



Hairstyles can make or break an outfit. My hair is long and straight so it doesn’t require too much maintenance but it can get kind of boring! And since I’m not good at ponytails or braids or buns (these require craftsmanship!), I came to rely on curls. Curls have become essential for my signature look. It’s one of the only hairstyles I’ve come to master, and my secret is…drum roll please… in the wand. Not the ones with phoenix feathers or dragon heartstrings though! 😉

These days, I love the ghd (Good Hair Day) wand. I had the opportunity to try the Classic Wave Wand from their newest ghd Curve® line. I have tried everything from NuMe to Revlon to other brands from Ulta but none have made my hair look as voluminous and wavy as ghd. Not to mention, ghd is super easy to use!

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Double Collab- Flash Tattoos x Cachet De Chloé x Pear of Heels

Yay! It’s here. So. Excited.

Today will be a very special post featuring Flash Tats and fashion blogger, Cachet de Chloé. Full disclosure: Chloe is my sister! So ever since Flash Tattoos came out in 2013, I was instantly hooked. The idea of wearing accessories that didn’t make your skin itch, move around, or make you uncomfortable while completing certain tasks, was in my opinion, absolutely genius. Not to mention, incredibly flashy (pun intended), crisp, and fashionable. At school, or even when I was at Whole Foods, people would come up to me and say, “What are those cool looking tattoos? Tell me the name, I need to get some!” Really, that did indeed happen.

Back in the day, really only 2 years ago, they had their black, gold, and silver tattoos– the Illia tattoos Chloe and I are wearing today are colorful because of this amazing collaboration Flash Tattoos did with Rainforest Partnership. It’s more of a tropical, rainforest (well, it is in the name, isn’t it?), and Amazonian jungle type tattoo, rather than a tribal, beachy one. Chloe and I were totally up for the newfangled/newbangled tattoos. You can purchase the beauties here! Enjoy the photos…





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