Wild Fox

A brand that I’ve come to rely on and cherish over the years is Wildfox. They carry the coziest, the softest, and the most striking T-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters that you will ever wear. This extreme comfort wear is usually accompanied by texts/images, which are eye-catching and just so likable. They speak to us; we get their messages.

What better to pair a Wildfox shirt than a laissez-faire clutch?  The one I’m sporting in this post is from a gorgeous brand by the name of Me Char, and the quality is absolutely phenomenal. The texture of this clutch is extremely soft, as it is made of Italian bubble lamb leather, giving it a pebbled look, a de rigueur for this season.  I’m in love with the rose gold hardware motif on this Brigid Clutch. It is named after one of Warhol’s personalities (Brigid Berlin), purportedly the inspiration behind  Me Char’s line.




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Sleeveless Trench

FALLLLLLLLL is here. And I’m so pumped. I am slowly breaking into the chilly weather part of my wardrobe. This beige, sleeveless trench from Rare London is currently my fave because 1. It elongates my body and gives the illusion of long legs, and 2. It’s ultra chic and makes you feel like a true street styler. Oh, yeah. Goals right there. PS my sincerest apologies for the subpar quality…Forgetful me forgot to insert the SD card into my camera, so I had to cope with soulmate iPhone 6+. She isn’t that bad.




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The Bra Lab Will Save Your Backless Days

Today, I’m introducing a brand that I’ve come to depend on, The Bra Lab! It is a phenomenal brand that provides women with backless top/dress solutions. They carry a wide range of back straps so others won’t have to see that white bra strap which always signals ‘sloppy’, ‘against the school dress code’, or worse, ‘I didn’t really think about the logistics of this outfit!’. Not only does The Bra Lab offer sophisticated and streamlined solutions, it does so with top-notch quality! For the entire day, I wore this green dress with the black St. Tropez back, and I felt ZERO discomfort whatsoever. I was truly impressed by how much effort and thought went into creating this product. Usually, companies focus on either the form or function but this product provides both: aesthetics AND functionality/ergonomics. ***Coupon code at the end of this post!




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