OOTD 7.15.15:: a little late there

Greetings! If you take a look at the pictures below, you’ll notice three things. 1. My old hair color, 2. The fact that this shoot was taken in Korea, and 3. Subpar camera quality- long story (not so long). In Korea, I went to this beautiful architectural site– as you can see from the photos. As for the picture quality, long story short: my camera battery died, and I ended up using my sister’s iPhone 6+ camera as a backup. Oopsies! Hope that you’ll still find these pictures to your liking. I tried. All that matters ;0




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OOTD 7.10.15:: Layers of Sparkle

Oh the adventures in Asia. This shoot was taken in Insadong, Seoul. Tons of pics from the time there and in HK will be posted soon, rest assured. I have been feeling so sick and jet-lagged and haven’t really gotten around to posting much. This dress/tunic/top by Missoni is possibly one of my most cherished pieces. The pattern & heavy-knit fabric work so well in creating such a masterpiece. Because of the uncertainty of what exactly this piece is, whether it is a top or a tunic, it just makes it that much more riveting to experiment with. For this look, I paired it with some sparkly pleated shorts to give the piece more length as well as more texture.

P.S. Bye bye highlights! I changed my hair color :)




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OOTD 7.6.15:: Big Buddha Adventures

So sad because as I’m writing this, I am jet-lagged and reminiscing over my trip to Asia. I miss the continent so incredibly much! It feels strange to be back in the States. This look was actually taken on my last full day in Hong Kong when I went on a crystal cable car up to the Big Buddha (details to come — future travel diary post).

Totally off subject, but the dress I am wearing here was actually worn by Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. I have been pining for this dress ever since I saw it on the show. I finally found it in a brown version// not as spectacular, but still intensely cool nonetheless #GossipGirlVibes. Ahhhh– was so excited about this find! Second fave acquisition was the Milky iPhone case that you’ll see later on in this post. I’ve always wanted a cute and quirky case different from my others as I have one too many Moschino cases D; so this suited me perfectly!


BW donning this one heck-of-a-dress




Please pardon my unkempt/unruly hair madness! I was huffing and puffing from the heat that day- my hair had to be tied because the last thing I needed was for it to be sticky (ew!)

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