Doc Martens shoes are “superior”

In 2005, Doc Martins shoes were among the most-wanted in America.

They are still a popular shoe for men.

But now, a new study suggests they may be the “superiors” of the shoes.

The new study found that the shoe was far better at staying put, especially compared to other footwear.

“It was an incredible feeling, it was like you were wearing shoes with a lot of cushioning,” Martens wife, Heather, told ABC News.

But the Martens had one major issue: They were running on the wrong treads.

They use a brand-new shoe that has the right treads for the running field, but Martens couldn’t find the right ones.

The shoes are called Tar Hares, and the company has a website to tell people how to buy them.

But Martens has yet to find the new treads on their shoes, so Heather Martens says she and her husband, Marc, have been running on a brand new, carbon-fiber shoe for the past month.

The Martens and Marc Martens, both 38, say they are running on shoes that have the right shoes, and that’s when they started to run out of cushion.

They had to buy new shoes to try and keep pace.

“The way I feel about shoes, the way I like to feel about anything, is that they have to last you a while,” Martins wife said.

They even went as far as using a pair of sandals to go with their new shoes.

They found that their shoes are very good at staying on the ground.

But they have one major problem: They’re running on an outdated treads that weren’t the right one.

They say the shoes were designed for a different time, when treads were made to last a longer time.

Martens shoes have been around for 30 years.

But Marc Martins says the shoes have improved over time.

“We can say that the treads in the shoe have been improved in a lot more ways than we would have thought,” Marc Martains said.

The company says it will eventually get the right new tread for their shoes.

But the Martins say they aren’t sure how soon.

They said the shoes are going back to the store for replacement.

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