‘Heel Stretching’ Could Be the Next Trend in Women’s Wedding Shoes

We’ve heard a lot about women’s wedding shoes before, but this new trend of “heel stretching” might be the next trend in women’s shoes. 

Heel stretching is the art of stretching an underwire in order to create a softer feel for a woman’s wedding dress.

It’s been used for years as a form of wedding dress alteration, but with the new wave of women’s “heels” it could be one of the most interesting and effective wedding styles ever created. 

I was inspired by the use of heel stretching as a wedding dress-altering technique by photographer and blogger Emily Blunt.

In an article on Blunt’s website, she explains that her “heeled stretching” technique is similar to the one used by artists like Frank Gehry and Michaelangelo Antonioni, which uses “soft underwires” to create an illusion of a softer, more feminine-looking dress.

Blunt uses a “glue” to attach the underwire to her wedding dress, and then she takes a pair of scissors and “tucks” it into place.

The glue is then used to create “soft” underwiring in the heel of her dress, making it feel more like it is a woman, and also adding an illusion that she is wearing a dress. 

While the idea is intriguing, the actual technique used by Blunt is incredibly simple. 

She first uses a pair or three of scissors to make a loop around the outside of her heel, then she wraps the elastic around the inside of her foot, leaving a large loop on the inside that will hold the elastic in place. 

Then, Blunt stitches the elastic into place with a glue stick, and she then uses a light-colored tape to secure the knot. 

It is then the glue that gives the effect of a woman wearing a woman. 

In addition to the ease of the technique, there are two other important points to note.

First, this is a technique that can be used with any wedding dress you want, and secondly, you don’t need to wear any heels in order for the effect to work. 

If you’re not interested in heels, but want to create the illusion of wearing a skirt, you can also do it with a pair of shoes.

For example, Blunts wedding dress “heeling” technique was created with a pink wedding dress and a black skirt. 

But what about men’s shoes? 

The same technique could work with men’s wedding shoe, too. 

“The same principle works with any shoe you want to stretch, but it also works with women’s shoe,” Blunt told me.

“And it works with both men’s and women’s heels. 

So I thought, let’s see what happens.” 

Blunt says that she did the experiment using two different pairs of men’s heels, both from a size 12 and a size 16. 

The first pair, the “small heel,” is from a pair she bought for her husband.

The second pair, from a company she works for, is a pair from the same brand. 

And it worked. 

 Blunts husband and daughter both wore her dress and her wedding shoes, but her husband wore his men’s size 16 “big toe” shoes.

And he felt a slight difference in how his feet felt on his wedding day. 

Blats husband told me that he felt like his shoes had “frozen.” 

“They didn’t feel like a man’s shoe.

They felt like a shoe from another era, from another time,” he told me over the phone. 

After several days of using the technique on the two different shoes, Blut found that she was able to create two very different images of herself in her wedding gown. 

Her husband’s dress felt soft and feminine, and her dress felt like it had “been stretched” over time. 

On the other hand, her wedding shoe was softer and feminine. 

One of the benefits of wearing shoes, according to Blunt, is that they can create an “invisible” body that people will not notice when you are not wearing them. 

Because they feel like shoes, shoes make women feel “less vulnerable,” which can create a lot of tension in relationships. 

Of course, there is one last important point to take away from this article, and that is that the technique could be used for any size of shoe. 

You could also do this on any wedding night, with any size wedding dress! 

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