J. Cole and Drake’s joint effort is a smash hit


Cole, who is a founding member of the hip-hop duo Drake and Drake, is about to release his third solo album.

He is set to make an appearance on the forthcoming album, which will be called Diamonds & Cream.

The album, with its production by Chance The Rapper, will be Drake’s first solo release since 2015’s We Can’t Stop. 

He will also be performing on a song called “Diamonds & Horns.” 

He was first introduced to hip-hoppers when he dropped a remix of The Life Of Pablo and has collaborated with many of the same artists.

Drake’s verse on the song is: “Diamondz n*ggas ain’t going to let you down.”

The song’s lyric also features J.

Co. and Drake.

In an interview with The New York Times, the artist revealed that he wanted to put Drake on the album, so he got together with his pal Chance The Rappers, Chance The Producer, and Jay-Z.

Drake, who has a very different relationship with his peers than J.

Lo, was asked to produce the song and he agreed.

Drake has collaborated on several songs with artists including Chance The Rapist, Chance the Rapper and Chance The Engineer.

Drake said that Drake had to be a part of the project because Chance The Artist, Chance, Chance and Chance the Rapist are all his favorite rappers. 

“We’re all a part, but he was a part,” Drake said.

“When I heard that, I was like, ‘Man, I wanna be in that shit.’

It’s something that I can’t wait to be involved in.”

Drake, who was in the studio with Chance and Jay Z last week, also revealed that the project has been “a real collaboration.”

“He’s like, he was the first one to come in and make me feel like I was on the same level as him,” Drake recalled.

“He was like a mentor, a friend.

We were all like brothers.”

The album will be the first Drake album that he is collaborating with Chance since 2014’s Tha Carter III.

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