What to wear for a night out

For men looking to impress a woman, it’s no different than any other date.

The only thing that might change is the colour of your heels. 

The Oxford Street-based brand, louboutins heels, has come out with its latest offering.

The Hemmings are made from a mix of leather and synthetic fibre to create a shoe that is both soft and durable.

The company has launched three new styles of heels in the past two years. 

Hers are made in the UK from plastic and synthetic fabrics.

The leather wool and the synthetic fabric are bonded together. 

“We have a lot of leather in our stores, and we think it’s important that people look good wearing a leather shoe, but it is a natural material and a natural process,” said louise  of loubouts heels.

“Our aim is to give people that little bit of flair and to make them feel good wearing something that feels good.”

The company’s new line is made from leather, but its latest models are made out of synthetic fibre. 

Its new models include a size 0, a small-medium and a large-large heel, all available in a range of colour and texture. 

Loubouts are made with natural and organic ingredients, which help the shoes retain the natural properties of the leathers. 

I asked loub outs what its favourite shoe colour was, and its response was: “It depends on your taste.

I love black, so I wear black, and I love green. 

If you like a bit of colour, you might like our Black.

If you’re a white person, you’d like our White.”

I asked loupouts if they could make a size and colour matching a shoe, so that the same style of shoe could be worn with men and women, and it replied that it was currently looking into such a thing.

I’ve been wearing my Loupouts heel for the past month and it feels wonderful, said Louise. 

It is also made in Ireland, and is made with sustainable ingredients and leathers from Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

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