PETA slams ‘gladiator’ heels for causing ‘unacceptable’ suffering

A dog in New Jersey was left with broken feet after being left with “gladiator” heels in her care, after a group of owners tried to sell them on eBay for $3,000 each.

PETA has condemned the sale and said the heels were “unacceptable.”

The dog, named Baby Blue, was a two-year-old golden retriever from a rescue home in West Orange, New Jersey.

Her owners bought the shoes for $1,500 on a Craigslist ad.

But soon after purchasing the shoes, the owners learned they could not return them because they had been “shoe-shredded,” according to PETA.

“We’re disgusted and disappointed that PETA chose to promote the sale of this puppy for $500,” said Sarah Schenker, the executive director of PETA-NJ, which oversees the shelter’s Animal Care and Control division.

“The puppies in question have long been the work of PPCA (Pets for Life) and were the work (of) the owner.”

The dogs had not been vaccinated or sterilized.

“I don’t know how they could have gone through the effort of getting this puppy and then not be able to provide her with the necessary medical care,” Schenkers said.

PPCAs Animal Care & Control is the nonprofit organization that operates the shelter in West Long Branch, New York.

The PPC’s website says the organization works to rescue animals and “help them live out their lives as naturally as possible, as well as providing them with the most up-to-date veterinary care and care-giving.”

PETA says the dogs in question were purchased at a puppy rescue facility in New York and had been in the care of PCA for about a year.

The shelter said Baby Blue was diagnosed with arthritis and “is undergoing daily care with the PPCCA vet,” according a statement on its website.

Peta said the puppies were sent to PPC in West New York, but PPC said that was “not the case” and that they “never received a single puppy from PCA.”

PPCa told ABC News that it was “shocked and saddened” to learn of Baby Blue’s condition.

“As a dog rescue organization, PPC is saddened by the tragic news and deeply sorry that Baby Blue has had to endure the pain of a broken toe and the humiliation of having to wear a shoe,” the organization said.

“PPCa has no tolerance for cruelty, and we are taking this seriously and working to make sure the dogs are taken care of as quickly as possible.”

Peta called for PPC to take action and take down the auction listing for the shoes.

“This puppy is suffering and we want to get to the bottom of what happened,” Scheker said.

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