Recode: High-heeled boots for the #blackstilettos crowd

Recode host Kara Swisher reports from the Recode offices in the Bay Area, where tech entrepreneur and Blackstiletto founder Marc Andreessen sits in a booth.

Andreessen talks about his decision to open up Blackstike to the public and the importance of supporting tech businesses in a post-Facebook world.

Andreen talks about the importance in supporting tech companies, including his investment in Blackstiles company, which is building a smart shoe and running a smart app called Misfit.

Andreessen says Blackstikes “Blackstrap” is “the most revolutionary, high-end shoe that I have ever seen.”

And he says the company’s shoe can “change the lives of people around the world.”

The tech entrepreneur also talks about how he created Blackstiley shoes to help people find jobs that pay $30 an hour.

He says Blackstrap will help people build a more stable life.

Swisher asks Andreessen how he got involved in tech.

Andreench is quick to point out that he started his company in 1989, a year after Facebook was founded.

Andreeessen says that Facebook’s founders “took a leap of faith.”

Andreessen also says that he was inspired by “the way the shoe industry has changed” in the last 10 years.

Swisher asks about Andreessen’s future plans.

Andreesson says he is focused on building a “world-class” company, including a shoe that will “change your life.”

Andreessen then turns to the #Blackstiletos community and says “We need to have a conversation about who’s going to wear what.”

Swisher wonders what “what” Andreessen means.

He answers: “That’s what we’re here for.

We want to change the world.

We’re not looking for some kind of magical shoe.

We really want to build the shoes of tomorrow.”

Andreen also says his shoe has been designed for “people who have a little bit of a high heel.”

Swishers comments that it looks like a shoe with “big toe” on the bottom.

Andreen then says his shoes are the “most revolutionary, low-cost high-quality shoe that we have ever designed.”

Andreen says the shoes are designed to “change people’s lives.”

He also says “blackstrap” has “really changed the lives” of people in Africa.

Swishers says it looks good.

Andreench says the “world” he is referring to is “in a state of transition.”

He says “the world is moving in the wrong direction.”

Swisher says she asked Andreessen if he would consider making a shoe for African people.

Andreess says he would, but he wouldn’t be “that close” to making a Blackstrap shoe for Africa.

Swishers comments are echoed by Recode’s Kara Swishers.

She asked him if the shoe he was talking about could be a Blackstilet shoe.

Andreesson says his Blackstrap is the “next big thing.”

Andreench says it is the best product in the world that has the most impact.

Swishes questions what that impact will be, saying it will be the impact of the Blackstrap.

Andreeson also said his shoes will change the lives in Africa because they will help “people get the skills that they need.”

Andreench then says “there are a lot of shoes out there that have big toe but people don’t have the skills to make those shoes, so they are not creating the skills for them.”

Andreeson says he will have a meeting with Blackstrap employees later this week.

Swishing says she wants to ask about the shoe’s price tag.

Andreeson says it’s “pretty low.”

Andreeson also says the shoe is a “big step forward” in footwear technology.

Andreens response?

He said he would be happy to talk to her.

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