‘A-ha!’ You’ve been looking for a pair of Balenciagas heels for years, but they haven’t been on sale anywhere!

We’re getting ready to go out for the holidays and I can’t find them anywhere on my feet.

I finally found one for about £100, which I’ve put together a gallery of, which you can see below.

What I really wanted was a pair with silver strappy tops and a big, flat toe for $150.

But when I got the email from Balencia’s customer service, they said they were “coming soon” and I’d be getting a refund on the shoes.

“Sorry for the wait, but we’re coming soon!” the email read.

“We’ll be getting your order in shortly.

We hope you’ll find it to be exactly what you expected.”

I sent them a message on Twitter, but nothing came through.

So I thought I’d call them again and ask for a refund, so I sent them an email, and they never answered.

So, I contacted Balenca’s customer support.

They told me they’d be contacting me, and then it turned out that they had already sent me a new email. 

“We apologise for the delay in contacting you, but due to the circumstances we can only provide a refund for the shoes that you ordered, not the ones that you were not able to purchase,” they wrote. 

That’s when I called them back and told them about the refund I was getting.

“You can cancel your order as soon as you receive your refund, but please ensure you include the following information with your email request:”Your name and phone number to contact us for more information about the shoes.

“It took a while, but I finally got the shoes to BalenCA on Tuesday.

I had a few hours to get them to me, so here’s what I got for free: A pair of blue heels in a nice, flat, boot sole (pictured above).

They have a gold-coloured leather toe, and the heel is very comfortable.

It’s actually much better than the boots I had before.

The leather is soft, and there’s also a little bit of texture to it.

There’s also the fact that I didn’t have to put on any extra padding.

A large flat toe in a shoe with a huge boot sole. 

They’re comfortable, and it’s quite comfortable to wear. 

I’m still getting a bit of wear on them, but my feet feel quite good.

I can see why this is so popular.

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