What’s the best way to tell a story in the latest trailer for The Last of Us?

As the trailer opens, Ellie and Joel are walking down the street when they encounter a man who looks like his father, but he is in fact an old man.

The man walks up to the duo and tells them that he has found an old home for them.

The house is empty except for the man himself, who is now a dead husk.

“I think he’s a bit mad at us,” Ellie says.

Joel tells the old man that he didn’t find the house until a week ago, and that it is a good sign.

“He’s just glad you’re not going to kill him,” the old old man says, before asking them to leave.

“So, you can go home,” the man says.

“What do you mean?”

Ellie asks.

The old man tells her that he’s from the future.

“The future,” Ellie replies.

The next scene shows the old people walking through a graveyard.

They are all wearing masks and their faces are obscured by masks.

The only one who does not wear a mask is the man who is supposed to be the future, and he asks the young Ellie to help him find his father.

Ellie reluctantly agrees and helps the old men find their father, who appears to be dead.

“That’s the one!” the man exclaims, and Ellie tells him that she thinks that his name is Jacob.

He asks what is wrong, and she says that his wife has been murdered.

The woman tries to explain that the world is going to end and that he can only get through this one way.

“You’re supposed to kill her,” Ellie tells the man.

“Then you’ll never know what the future is,” the woman says.

She then tells the men that she is the one who was supposed to bring them home.

The last scene shows a young man with an axe at his shoulder, who runs towards the man and stabs him in the back.

“Are you okay?”

Ellie wonders.

“Why are you killing my father?” the man asks.

Ellie tells her he is a murderer.

“Because he wanted you to leave him alone,” the young man says before stabbing the man in the shoulder.

The scene ends with the man being left bleeding on the ground.

The Last Of Us: The Last Outpost, an Xbox 360 game, is set to release this summer.

IGN will have a hands-on preview of The Last House On The Left on Tuesday.

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