When the US Supreme Court decides how to define “white”

A federal appeals court on Wednesday struck down a Texas law that prohibits public school students from wearing their school uniform to the polls, arguing that it would create a racially hostile environment for African-American students.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Antonio ruled that the law was unconstitutional, a decision that has raised fears that the courts will eventually take up the issue of school desegregation.

The law was passed in 2010, when the state’s legislature was considering a measure to end school segregation, but the measure was blocked by a federal appeals panel.

The U.R.S., which was created in 1896, does not recognize a state’s constitution.

The case is now before the U.K. Supreme Court, which has already ruled that there is no constitutional right to wear white clothes at school.

The 4th U,S.

Supreme in January upheld the Texas law, but this month it said it was too soon to make a ruling on whether to intervene.

“The Court has not yet considered whether to take up this challenge to the Texas statute, nor has it taken up any of the remaining cases,” the 4th Circuit wrote.

“Moreover, this Court has no authority to address the constitutionality of a state law that is on appeal.”

The 4.3 million-student state of Texas has been divided between Republican and Democratic administrations, and many of the school districts were formed by Republican politicians.

Many students wear school uniforms in public schools to honor the history of the country, and school districts are also heavily segregated by race.

In 2011, the Obama administration proposed a rule requiring public school districts to allow students wearing school uniforms to vote.

However, Texas, a conservative state with a history of racial segregation, has been a leader in the fight against the new rule.

The state is one of only a handful of states that have a voting requirement that doesn’t apply to people who do not have the right to vote under federal law.

But the Texas Supreme Court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to require voting rights to be imposed by the state, arguing it violates the U

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